Some of the progress I’ve made on Lucina since the last time I posted about it (when I hadn’t yet done anything hahaaa….)!

Not pictured: Boots and gloves (which were mostly finished just barely before Shuto, though the boots aren’t technically done), and the cape, which I did this past Friday.  The middle picture is the past three solid days of work.

But I’m nearly done!


Doggies vs. kitties!!! Drawing refs!!!!!

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A handout I made for a coloring workshop I’m teaching tomorrow at CCS.  TEACHING HERE IS SO MUCH FUN ALL THE TIME OMG OMG


Download Here

Trust me if you weren’t here for The Brushnger Games 2013, I tried like 50 different pencil brushes and this was the best. 


Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional or anything!

I just took some art classes when I was younger, so these are just a few things I remember or have learned since then!

Anyways, this ‘tutorial’ is just something I made very quickly…and I’m not good at explaining or teaching.

So please don’t take this seriously lol 

Finally getting around to making this dress form in a material that won’t warp over time. Debating whether I should take a shortcut and pretend my body is perfectly symmetrical or if I should do things correctly and mark pattern shapes on both sides.

In other news, now I know how I would look as a pancake.

Lucina wig selfies or something. The bangs still need work.

They all have captions, but to add to the first one: that picture was taking almost immediately after I got home from work. I didn’t want to put on different clothes right before taking a shower so I’m just held the fabric I’m going to use for her clothes to give the wig color some context.

The rest were taken today when I had the sense to put on something blue.

There wasn’t quite enough of the fabric I needed for my Lucina cape, even though I thought what was left on the bolt would be plenty. Now it looks like I’m gonna have to decide between a functional hood and a cape that’s too short or a cape that’s long enough with a hood that’s mostly decoration.

Long overdue avatar change wooooo